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Oakbrook LASIK not only offers LASIK, but we also offer PRK and other refractive procedures.

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What to Expect from LASIK

When you choose LASIK, you’re embarking on a journey toward a clearer, glasses-free future. Most LASIK patients witness a remarkable improvement in their vision almost immediately after the surgery. However, it’s crucial to understand that, like any surgical procedure, there’s a healing and recovery phase. Patience and caution are key as your eyes undergo this transformative process.

During this healing journey, a few essentials play a significant role in ensuring your comfort. Adequate sleep, proper lubrication, and the passage of time will be your allies in achieving optimal results.

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Benefits You Can Expect

Invest in your vision, and let LASIK transform your life. Experience the immediate and lasting benefits that come with this life-changing procedure.

Crystal-Clear Vision

Bid farewell to the hassles of glasses and contact lenses. LASIK paves the way to a life where you wake up to sharp, unaided vision every day.

Enhanced Quality of Life

LASIK isn’t just about seeing better; it’s about living better. Enjoy the freedom to pursue your passions, whether it’s swimming, hiking, or simply waking up without the need for glasses.

Boosted Self-Confidence

Self-assurance often comes from the way we see ourselves. With LASIK, you can confidently meet the world head-on, showcasing your natural beauty without the barrier of corrective eyewear.

Speedy Recovery

One of the remarkable aspects of LASIK is its quick recovery time. You’ll find yourself back to your regular routine within just a few days, thanks to this minimally invasive procedure.


The decision to have laser vision correction depends on the results of a thorough preoperative evaluation. Just as you are a unique individual, each eye requires unique and careful examination with the best technology. At Oakbrook LASIK, we complete a 1 1/2 hour, evaluation to determine whether or not you are a safe candidate for laser vision correction. It is important to understand that not everyone is a suitable candidate for LASIK. Some basic requirements include:

  • A stable eyeglass prescription for at least two years.

  • Best corrected vision of at least 20/40.

  • Healthy cornea.

  • No active eye disease.

  • Over 18 years old.

Although there’s no real “maximum age” for laser vision correction, we would first need to determine that the overall health of your eyes is good, and that your vision difficulties are not being caused by cataracts or some other eye disease. Before the decision is made to proceed with laser vision correction, your vision needs to be stable. Depending on your age, you may need reading glasses after treatment. Nearly everyone needs reading glasses by their mid-40s.

The FDA has approved LASIK as a safe and effective procedure. It is important, however, to remember that LASIK is not the right choice for everybody. Some people are not appropriate candidates, and if treated could have less than optimal results. It is important that you receive a thorough pre-operative evaluation to determine if LASIK is right for you.

No. The actual treatment itself is painless. You will be given plenty of anesthetic drops to completely numb the eye. You may feel a light pressure sensation around your eye, and after the procedure is finished you will feel a sensation our patients describe as gritty or like a lash in your eye for a few hours…but most people experience very little pain. We’ll give you a prescription for a pain reliever should you need it, but most people need nothing more than Tylenol or Advil and a little rest time.

The actual procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes per eye. Depending on your prescription, and the amount of correction needed, the laser itself only takes 20-50 seconds to correct your vision. However, you should plan on being in the office for approximately an hour-and-a-half on your day of surgery.

Visual recovery varies from one day to one week. The majority of patients resume normal activities 24-48 hours following surgery but it may take 1 to 2 months for your vision to fully stabilize. Although everyone is a little different, the vast majority of our LASIK patients achieve legal driving vision or better, the very next day. That is one of the most exciting advantages of the LASIK procedure; clear vision comes in quickly. Initially, your vision might not be crisp and may fluctuate slightly. This is perfectly normal and should improve gradually day by day.

On the day of your surgery, it is important to have a driver take you home. You will also need a driver to bring you to your post-operative appointment the day after surgery. In most cases, patients are able to drive by the end of that day.

In most cases, the treatment effect of laser vision correction is permanent, especially if your eyeglass prescription was stable before treatment. If there is something in your genetics that says your prescription will change in the future, having surgery now will not prevent that from occurring. In our experience, a change like this is very uncommon If necessary though, you may be able to be re-treated many years later should that occur.

Your postoperative appointments will be scheduled:

  • One day

  • One week

  • One month

  • Three months

  • And six months (optional)

Because contact lenses can alter the shape of your cornea, you will need to remove your contacts prior to your pre-operative exam. If you wear soft lenses, they should be removed a minimum of 3 days. If you wear rigid/gas permeable lenses, remove them at least 6-8 weeks prior to your exam. By removing the lenses, the cornea will be restored to a more natural shape before measurements are taken. Following your pre-operative exam, if you are a soft lens wearer, you will be able to wear your lenses 3 days before your surgery. If you wear rigid/gas permeable lenses, you may be asked to leave your lenses off until your day of surgery.

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